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In the period from August 14 to August 21, 2017, the 9th Seminar on Traditional Physical Culture of the Cossacks and the Cossack Salvation organized by the Coordinating Council of Russian, Cossack and Slavic Organizations of Kazakhstan and the Public Association "Cossacks" was held at the youth camp "DOS Chaika" in the village of Katarkol in Burabay district of Akmola region. Russian community of Akmola region. "

The main goal of the seminar was to create conditions for the comprehensive development, improvement, self-realization of the personality of adolescents, aimed at preserving, developing and strengthening the system of spiritual, moral and patriotic education.

Opening the seminar, the chairman of the Russian community of Akmola region Alexander Artemenko noted that the special feature of the seminar program is a harmonious combination of three directions: traditional Cossack culture, military-patriotic and spiritual-moral education, which play the main role in the formation of a full-fledged, spiritually rich person.

Executive Secretary of the Russian Community of Kazakhstan, Deputy Chairman of the Coordination Council of Russian, Cossack and Slavic Organizations of Kazakhstan Mashkantsev S.V. also congratulated the opening of the seminar, and the main specialist of the department of internal policy of Akmola region Serik Sadvokasov wished further success for the benefit of our Motherland - the Republic of Kazakhstan.

By tradition, the daily routine of the Cossacks was military-clear: classes began in the early morning, during the day, there were theoretical and practical sessions alternating. Particularly liked were the children's training in the basics of hand-to-hand combat techniques, techniques of kicking and kicking and ways to escape from them, throws and pain control, possession of a sword and a whip.

All participants of the seminar were awarded certificates for participation in the IX Seminar on Traditional Physical Culture of Cossacks, Plastun Education and Cossack Spas.

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